Our Distillery

Bournemouth Brewery has now joined the elite handful of breweries that have been successful and pioneering brewing and distilling together all under one roof. With the recent expansion of the brewery in that increasing capacity, the Production team were able to adapt and develop a fantastic artisan small-batch distillery. – The added advantages of being smaller means a far superior flavour profile can be achieved and developed rather than the mass-produced spirits commonly found in the market.

All our spirits have been produced from locally sourced Grain and a small dusting of hops to aid in stability.

Dorset Smugglers Vodka – Available Now!

As of June 2015 we are proud to release our first of many spirits. Dorset Smugglers Vodka! This export strength vodka is so much more about smoothness and flavour that it could be considered a great shame in mixing it with anything! – A true sipping vodka; but with the ability of giving a superior edge for any self-respecting cocktail.

Dorset Smugglers Whisky styled liquor – Available Now!

For the whisky fanatics you will know that maturing whisky is all in the wooden casks, be it ex-sherry barrels, cognac barrels or even ex beer barrels! But a little known fact is that maturing whiskey in a coastal region will bring out an ever so slight salty note to the whiskey due to the Sea salt brought in from the sea mists. – We’re terribly excited to find out! Keep an eye out for the first whiskey bottles coming out the “woodwork”!!

Dorset Smugglers White Rum, Dark Rum and Spiced Rum – Available now!

Dorset Smugglers Gin – Coming Very Very Soon!

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