About Us

With a wealth of experience and family recipes coming through the generations; a family-run brewery has always been on the mind of the Mathers/Jacquet family.

Our recipes have been dated back to 1927! It was only in early 2012 when a family member acquired a modest 1 barrel brewplant did things really start getting exciting!

A fury of experimentation, tweaking of old recipes and some good-old fashioned “taste trials” were found to all go down very positively with friends and family that we decided to take the plunge and do it for real!

After a few hardships with leasing premises, planning permissions and rugby-related injuires, the brewery eventually found its way to its new home on the Nuffield industrial estate (Poole) in 2013. – not quite in Bournemouth; but beggars can’t be choosers!

Since moving in; we have acquired 5 more fermentors, 6 new conditioning tanks and a new capacity of 1788 pints a week! – Which we find quite handy to wind down with after a long tiring week…